Jennifer F. Schulz is a mixed-media artist based in the south Charlotte area. She has been creating ever since the early 80’s and has won awards for her work. Most of her work consists of acrylic on canvas, but she also works in pencil, glass, wood, clay, ink, watercolor, and digital. Jennifer was originally a self-taught artist with art studies in school and college.

Art is therapy for Jennifer, she likes to express emotion and deep thoughts through her work and add a little extra something to each creation she makes. Plans are in the works to create art for you to enjoy at home through our store and events!

In the summer of 2018, Jennifer founded the Charlotte Chapter of the Ladies of Liberty Alliance. Every month she collaborates and organizes events for Charlotte area libertarian ladies to promote liberty through events and leadership development. Join the Meetup Group or Like the Facebook page.

As a Four Pillars Society member of the Institute for Justice, a civil-liberties law firm, Jennifer values the importance of leaving an impact for future generations. The Institute for Justice represents citizens when their rights to property, making a living, free speech and the right to a quality education have been infringed.

A published political columnist with a BS degree in Journalism and Public Relations, Jennifer has also won awards for her written work and has been published in many local newspapers as well as The Rhinoceros Times and YC Magazine.

Jennifer holds the record for the second highest vote total as a Libertarian NC State House candidate in 2002 at 21%. Her image appeared on The O’Reilly Factor news commentary show and was quoted in the AP news as a model and spokesperson for the Ladies of Liberty Calendar.

While not creating or spreading the liberty message, Jennifer enjoys spending time with her family, working out, sailing, reading, and listening to live music.

Thank you for visiting! Please contact Jennifer at Jennifer AT Schulzart DOT Com if you need a customized work of art.

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