Jennifer F. Schulz is an acrylic, mixed media and ink artist who lives in the Charlotte area. 

She has used art since her childhood as a means of understanding and reflecting upon the world around her, to escape from life's more painful times, and reflect life's beauty. She uses color and contrast to accentuate and invoke feelings, sometimes using humor and often reflecting back the beauty that surrounds her in nature such as sunsets, sailboats, city lights and people. Primarily an acrylic artist, she is getting back to her drawing roots by working more recently in pencil and colored ink. Her work is figurative expressionism or pointillism. Skills: Acrylic paint, ink, pencil, mixed media, glass, poetry, written word, graphic art, HTML. Group Exhibitions: Sept. 2019 - Pour Taproom, “September,” Charlotte, NC. Feb. 2015-The Chop House, Culture Initiative "Frames," Charlotte, NC April 2015 - York County Arts Council, Come See Me Festival "The Disappearing Frog Project" Rock Hill, SC 2006-Hart-Witzen Gallery Proud Current Member of: Charlotte Art League Waxhaw Arts Council Arts Council of York County

You can view and buy Jennifer's art for sale at her studio at the Charlotte Art League in NoDa, or contact her to schedule an appointment if you want to discuss a possible commission. Her work will also be on exhibit at upcoming art shows this year. Thank you for supporting art!

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